Welcome to Bishop Scott Boys' School

BISHOP SCOTT BOYS’ SCHOOL is an institution where your child’s potential will be realised and he will be known and valued for his innate qualities. A school which will provide an environment where children can achieve academic grace, maturity, strong character and integrity so that they are prepared to face the challenges of today’s world.

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Message from our Principal

Dear All

Ad maiora semper, as Latins used to say, is the cheer with which all of us from Bishop Scott Boys’ School fraternity based at Patna greet every one of you. Nothing other than the strength of our efforts in the upcoming academic year shall define the shared ethos that we uphold for all our children. The nerves of this grit lie in the robust vision of Engaged Minds, Inspired Hearts, and Purposeful Lives that the institution honestly endears for those who shall pilot our times and planet ahead. Every child who walks through the doorway and porches of the institution would thrive as live sermons in the exclusive cultivation of enduring values of life. This is how we go way beyond the cages of cut-and-dried principles and lead our children by example to flower in love and goodness. Implicit in proper education is the setting of minds and hearts to nurture young souls as integrated human beings who sustain and invigorate God’s fond plans. Humbly, we promise to remain steadfast in compassing every touchstone that our obligation solicits. We will meet the words of our motto, SARVADA SARVA SHRESHTH, in all we stand for and aspire to be.

Wishing our children an unforgettable learning journey!

Sincerely, on behalf of Team BSBS

Jyotsna Ranjan