Nourish Resilience

Rear Competencies

Cherish Empathy

Our approach to learning is process-centered, not product-driven. By engaging children with their reserves of unimaginable strengths in this process, we assist them in developing and guiding their abilities, and in learning how to embrace the broad spectrums of human experience. In this pandemic-conditioned indeterminate spell, the mission is to instill a value system that prepares children and adolescents to be contributing members of society amidst the challenges of an ever-changing world.


Engaged Minds

Enthused Hearts

Purposeful Lives

At Bishop Scott Boys’ School, our elemental aim is to engender quality by enlightening our children to secern good from evil. The potential of youngsters to prime themselves for the many personal, professional, and moral challenges they may face during their lifetime is thin on the ground currently. Culture is overwhelmed with an extreme need for people to be steered by the intellect of discipline and integrity. We seek to enroot these values in our students and edify them to confidently, collaboratively, and mirthfully bring their gifts into the world. The heartbeats are the divine rhythm of SarvadaSarvaShreshth. This is the essence of our school.